Connect to COM WIFI

Improved technologies have permitted a much friendlier redesign of the COM Wifi. Users are now connecting through the Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (DPSK) process which, is very similar to the way they would connect to a consumergrade wifi on their home network, making the process very intuitive. Users may use our BYOD onboarding webpage to obtain their own unique Wi-Fi password. The most valued benefit for the DPSK technology is that it requires no manual client device configuration.

How Do I Connect My Device?

On your device, connect to wireless network:
Your web browser will direct you to sign in

Wifi CloudPath Access Option
Student or Staff Choose “COM WIFI”, Visitors Choose “COM Visitor WIFI”

Wifi CloudPath intro screen
Agree to terms
Press Start

Wifi CloudPath login screen
Sign in with your COM Username and Password (same as MYCOM)

Wifi CloudPath password screen

You will be given a Password for wireless.  Copy this password with your device and /or write it down.
Click Continue

Wifi CloudPath instructions screen

With your password, open the wireless networks and choose “COM-WIFI”
Press Connect to Join

Windows wifi screen 1

Enter the Password provided in the last step or paste it in. Click Next

Windows wifi screen 2

Windows wifi screen 3

The network will be added and connectivity will last 12 Months.