Setup Android Devices for COM Wireless

These instructions apply to Android devices. You will use a setup wizard called Cloudpath XpressConnect to connect your device. You may also use these instructions to recreate your connection in the future. This may be necessary if you delete your connection or change your password. Please note that the "COM_Limited" wireless is for onboarding purpose ONLY. You must complete your setup join to your assigned wireless network. The following are the known Android setup requirements:

  • Android 2.1 or greater is necessary to run the configuration application;
  • You must use the default Android browser. Always select this as your browser during setup;
  • You will need to set up a lock screen or swipe pattern if you do not already have one. You may also turn it back to previous state after the install.
Step 1: Enable wireless on your device

    Verify that Wi-Fi is enabled.

   If your Wi-Fi is already enabled, go to Step 2. If disabled, follow instructions below.
    Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi option must be ON.

Step 2: Select COM_Limited

    Within your Wi-Fi settings, select COM_Limited from your list of available networks.
    The wireless login page will open automatically. This may take few seconds.
    If that does not work, open a browser.
    You should be directed to the wireless login page. If you are not redirected automatically, go to
   The illustrations below show only Student configuration. Staff (Classified, Faculty, & Management) and Guest configurations are similar. Select your appropriate network access: you may be either Guest, Student, or Staff.

Android - Pick your network

Step 3: Terms and Conditions

On the wireless login page:

    Read carefully the Terms & Conditions of using COM wireless
    Check I accept the terms of the End-User License Agreement, if you agreed.
    Click Start.
    Click OK at the notification prompt.


Android - Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Login credentials

 For the username, enter your MyCOM username (not your email address).
        Enter your MyCOM password in the password field. Only passwords are case-sensitive.
        Click Continue.

Android - Login

Step 5: Download CloudPath application

   Download the application file from any of the sources below.
   The below instructions relate to the "Local download".
Android - Download Cloudpath

Android - download Cloudpath 2


   Start download
   Click "OK" to accept the warning about the potentially harmful file (Cloudpath.apk).

  Android - local download warning

   Click "OPEN" to begin install

Android - open file

  Launch the "Cloudpath.apk" to install

Android - cloudpath.apk

Step 6: Unblocked the installation

   If the download process is blocked, follow the instructions in this step modify your security settings. Otherwise, go to Step 7.
Android - unblock install 1

Android - unblock install 2


Android - unblock install 3


Step 7: Begin installation

   If the download

Android - install 1

Android - install 2


Step 8: Continue with device configuration

Go back to the browser:

If your Android version is 5.1.1 (Lollipop) or below, click on Step 2



    Android - device configuration 1

If your Android version is 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above, click the "alternate option" link in the fine print below Step2.



If prompted to connect using "existing credentials" or "new credentials", please press "Generate new credentials."

Screenshot using new credentials


Click continue to configure your wireless client

Android - device configuration 2

Android - device configuration 3


Step 9: Continue with device configuration

   Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
   Confirm that your device is connected to the appropriate wireless network (not "COM_Limited").

If your Android version is 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above, the "alternate option" link in the fine print below Step2.